img_8739We are the Slobe Family – Debbie (me), Brian (my husband), Maya (our 6-year-old daughter) and Kubu the dog. In August 2015, we embarked on a year-long journey from our home in Louisville, Colorado, through Baja California and the Pacific Coast of Mexico. In November 2015, we landed in the tiny beachside community of Chacala on the Nayarit coast and we’ve been here ever since.

What we expected to be just a one-year adventure has turned into so much more. As of this writing (Jan. 2019), we have been in Mexico for 3.5 years. It seems the longer we stay, the longer we want to stay.

On this blog site, we document in words and photographs our family’s adventures and experiences living in this tiny village of Chacala and traveling throughout Mexico. We hope you will follow along on our journey. Thanks for stopping by!

5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Well, that was fun! I’ve just come here from your drive through Baja video! It’s a route my husband traveled three times in the last four months, with different stops. We are traveling by boat through the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific coast of Mexico. I hope we’ll find you in Chacala!

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  2. And now we have just anchored at our X. The music is streaming from shore! We went close to shore along Bahia de Jaltemba and I was surprised that the beaches seemed quiet. The beach at La Cruz was quiet too. Maybe I’ll see you during our visit.


  3. Hi… my espousa (Mexicana) and I just visited Puerto Santo Tomas…The cabin was ok.

    However, I have been trying ti find one of the nice brick houses for rent short term.

    I have not found anything so far. Any clues to renting one of the brick houses? Thanks, Jim


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